WTF Goodyear?

Car started over heating so I took it to the local goodyear to have it fixed.

Estimated Cost – $2300 b/c engine had to be replaced.

I took the car to a ford dealership for a second opinion.

Fixed for $650.

Glad I took the car to another shop instead of letting goodyear fix it.  The car was still driveable so not sure what the thought process was when they recommended that…


Long Night

Four Chapters to read regarding business law and six case analysis to do. 

 I love being back in school!  /endsarcasm


Getting ready to head over to my parents and out to my girlfriends aunts house. Add in all the school work I still have to do today and it is going to be a long day.

Update 4/1/10

1.  Enjoying my second day off.  Weather couldn’t have been better if I wanted it to be.

2.  Trying to take apart the server rack today.  Why can’t anything be easy.

3.  Spent the majority of time watching a Merlin marathon on SyFy.  New season starts tomorrow.

4.  According to the Library I no longer exist.  Just used my card to pay a fine a couple weeks ago, but as of today I was no longer in the system.  Had to register again.

5.  Got back into the gym yesterday and am going again tomorrow.  Hopefully this is the start of lifting regularly again.

Update 3/29/10

1.  Just finished with my last assignment for the two classes I have ending today.  Feels good to be done with each. 

2.  I think I scraped by with an A in my Comp class and a B in my communications class.

3.  The relief will be short lived as technically my next class, Bussiness Law, has already started.  Picking up the book tomorrow.

4.  After work tomorrow it will be the start of a 5 day weekend for me.  I took Wed, Thur, and Friday off this week.  Unfortunately, most of the days will be spent trying to clean this place up a bit.


1.  Just had my daughters first birthday, my girlfriends birthday, and dads birthday to deal with in the past two weeks. 

2.  Had a group presentation today.  Considering we did almost nothing to prepare for it, I would say it went well.  I though we were going to crash and burn but didn’t.

3.  I recently found and am for the most part addicted.  You can find some of the oddest stuff people put online using this.

Update 3.1.10

1.  I have started back to school and that has been consuming much of my time lately.  I have already fallen slightly behind but should be fully caught up with things tomorrow.  This always seems to happen.  No matter how much I say I won’t, I always wait until the last possible second to start assignments.  This always ends badly as they end up taking longer than I anticipate and I have to turn something in late.

I also always say I am going to do the assigned reading but never do.  This is the main reason assignments end up taking longer than I think they will.

2.  Zoie’s 1st birthday is tomorrow.  We have a little party planned for her this coming Saturday.  Should be fun.

3.  Spent the last two weeks watching as much of the Olympics as I could.  For some reason I have been addicted to the past two Olympic games.  I find myself watching any sport that is on, whether I actually like it or not.  Short track speed skating is definitely my favorite event.

4.  Still trying to get back in the gym but have yet to manage it.  Will update when that happens.