First Snow

We had are first major snowfall of the year recently.  It was actually almost a week ago now but the tempature has stayed cold enough that it hasn’t melted much until today.  It wasn’t really a major snowfall, only a few inches.  Enough to cover the ground completely to where we were unable to see the grass.

It is wierd how things change as you get older.  I now view snow as more of a problem than a good thing.  I am hardly old, only 22, but when I was just a kid this much snow would have been plenty to be out playing in.  We would have been out having snowball fights and looking for good hills to try and sled down.  This would have even been enough to try and build a snowman with.

Now though, snow is a hassle.  I haven’t even had the erge to touch the snow, let alone make a snowball.  During and immediately following the snowfall driving becomes a pain.  For starters, you have to go clean the snow off the car before going anywhere.  At least you do if your like me and don’t have a garage to park your car in.  Then it takes longer to go anywhere as the roads are snow covered and most people, myself probably included, don’t know how to handle there car in this type of whether so everyone is driving much slower.

We don’t normally get a ton of snow here so I guess it could be a lot worse.  Part of me wants to move to an area where it doesnt snow.  Another part of me though enjoys the rotation of the four seasons we have here and doesn’t want to miss out on that.

Anyway, just some random thoughts I was having as I was standing on the porch outside the house looking at the melting snow.

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