Got a DS

So I did some calling around yesterday and found a wal-mart here in town that had a Nintendo DS in stock.  Aside from groceries sometimes I try to avoid shopping at wal-mart as I really am not a big fan of them.  But they were the only place I found it in stock so I made an exception and bought an Onyx DS.

 I wanted to get the New Super Mario game but they were out of stock so I settled for Super Mario 64 DS.  The game is alright.  At first I thought that either there was something wrong with the control pad on my DS or the game just really sucked.  Controlling with the controla pad is so slow.  Holding the forward button down for awhile will cause Yoshi to run faster but in order to change direction you pretty much come to a complete stop and then have to build your speed back up.  So after completing the first board like this some character in the game says “Hey Moron, try using the touchpad to control the character.”  It wasn’t exactly in those word but you get the message.  I started using the touch screen and wow, it is so easy to control the character now.  It was still kinda weird at first because one second you will be controlling with the litte stylus then you have to suddenly grab the DS to hit the buttons.   It doesn’t take to long to get used to it though so not all bad.

 Ironically enough I bought the DS so I could play at work.  The day I bought it I ended up not going into work because my girlfriend talked me into staying home with her for the evening.  All in all, not a bad night.  We sat and played the DS for part of it.  She was against me getting it at first saying it was a waste of money but now she likes it more than me I think.  She is planning on getting a pink one now.

Funny story.  So the night I called off work, it was kind of a last minute decision.  So because it has been bitter cold here recently I went out and started my car several minutes before I was planning on leaving for work.  After I came back in is when I decided I wasn’t going into work.  Flash forward to 2:00AM.  My girlfried wakes up complaining of a headache.  We have absolutely no medicine in the house.  Now because I normally would still have several hours left at work I was up and wide awake.  So being the nice guy that I am, I offered to run down to Kroger to get some advil.  I start getting ready to go and I cant find my keys.  I search all the usuall spots, pants pockets, kitchen counter, computer desk, they are nowhere.  So to save time I decide to just take her car.  So I walk out the door and as I turn to lock it I notice the sound of a car running in the lot outside the apartment.  No big deal I think, someone else must be getting ready to go as well.  Then it sounds like it is coming from around my car.  I walked over to it and it was MY car.  I had forgotten about it when I started it for work at around 6:30pm.  It had sat there in the spot running for almost 8 hours.  I am so lucky that nobody decided to drive off with it.  It would have been so EASY to do.  Ok, so it isnt that funny but man I can’t believe I would do something so stupid.

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