Feeling Sick

Last night at work I started feeling a little sick, like I had a cold coming on.  I started feeling my body start to ache all over.  It started with my arms and shoulders.  I thought it was just my arms getting tired because I had been sitting responding to emails all night.  Once the aches started to spread I new it wasn’t that though.

The next indicator was my throat.  It hasn’t really started to hurt yet but just the feeling like it is getting harder to swallow and the occasional little cough to try and clear it.  It has steadily gotten worse as the day has gone on today so I am pretty sure it will be full on ‘sore throat’ in the morning.  I can tolerate the body aches without much of a problem but I really hate having a sore throat.

Fever also kicked in today.  It’s not so bad though.  I start to get cold and then take a few Advil and the fever breaks and I am fine for several hours.  It gets annoying though going back and forth between being very cold and very warm.

I am personally blaming my girlfriend for me getting sick.  She has been sick like this for the past few days with the same symptoms.  I guess this is my reward for trying to take care of her.  Well, I guess I am done whining about being sick for now.  Hopefully this doesn’t last long.

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