Sticking with Arch

As I figured I would I decided to stick with Arch Linux. It seems like the best choice for me. I installed the base which is just the basic items required to get things working. Then that allows me to install only the things that I want so I don’t have a lot of unnecessary programs installed that would just take up space.

There are a few minor problems that I need to get taken care of but nothing major. The computer is functioning fine. I have a nice clean desktop running GNOME. The only thing I really need to get fixed is with Banshee, my favorite program to use to manage my music. For some reason it won’t work at all, it won’t even open. Right now I am using MPD with Sonata. It works great but I find Banshee to be laid out better. Also I don’t think there is a way to sync my ipod using MPD/Sonata so I really would like Banshee to be working for that.

I tried Pardus and Mepis also before deciding on Arch. I really liked Pardus but it just wouldn’t update. When ever I used the package manager to update all my programs it would just stop half way through and I have no idea why as my internet connection was fine. Also there aren’t nearly as many packages available through the repositories with Pardus as there are with a lot of other distros. I am sure that this will change as the distro matures and the popularity of it grows. I will definitely be checking it out in the future.

Mepis was nice also when it worked. For some reason though it would lock up every couple of minutes and the only thing I could do to fix it was to hold the power button in and restart that way. Mepis seems to run great on one of the other computers I have here though. It is currently running 6.0. That computer is basically only used as a sort of file server and for storage. I will most likely be updating it to the latest version of Mepis when it is released. The current target date is Feb. 25 so I am looking forward to that.

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