GF got a DS

My girlfriends birthday was yesterday and I had absolutely no clue what to get her.  She hadn’t mentioned she wanted anything other than a Nintendo DS awhile back.  She has played mine regularly since I got it.  She mentioned when she said she wanted it that she wanted the pink one.  So this past week I went on a search for the pink DS.  These DS’s are harder to find then you might think.  They still are selling very well so I guess they don’t last long at most places once they arrive.  I called several places, the Walmart, Kmart and Best Buy near me were all sold out.  I found a best buy about 25 min. away that had DS’s but no pink ones.  I finally found a Target store about 20 min. away that had pink ones.  They must have just got them in b/c they had 9 of them.  It worked out nicely getting it here as it is fairly close to where I work so I was able to go pick it up on my break.

She really likes it so I was glad I decided to get it.  I didn’t get any new games for her but she likes the couple Mario games that I have.  We will probably go trade the one in the next couple of days for something different though.  We linked the two DS’s wirelessly and played the mini-games included with the Mario games for awhile last night.  It was actually a lot of fun.  The mini-games are much more fun like that than playing them by yourself.

The rest of the day was pretty boring though.  We spent most of the afternoon at her grandparents house because they wanted her to comedown for lunch and got a cake for her.  After that, we headed down to her dad’s house.  He just had surgery a couple days ago so he really can’t go anywhere right now so he was unable to make it to her grandparents.  We didn’t stay to long there though.

Well that is it for boring, eh?  I lead an exceptionally boring life.  Even more so since I began working nights.  Now instead of doing very little, I pretty much do absolutely NOTHING.

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