Mepis and KDE

Two days ago I decided that I would give KDE another shot. I have been using Linux now for a couple of years but have never really liked KDE. It’s not so much because of the functionality but because of the way it looks. I like to have a somewhat decent looking desktop. That just never seems to happen in KDE. I have seen a few decent looking screenshots of people running KDE but for the most part all the looks I like are found in Gnome and the GTK apps.

So to give KDE a fair shot again I have decided to use it exclusively for a week. I have shutdown my Arch Linux computer that I run a combination of Gnome and Openbox on and will only use my computer that I have Mepis installed on which defaults to KDE. I installed Mepis 6.5 RC1 over my previous install of 6.0. I should have waited a day as RC2 was released yesterday. I have upgraded to it though so I suppose that is not a problem.

So far KDE isn’t so bad. As well as only using KDE I am also mainly using KDE applications. Konqueror for file management and browsing, konsole for the terminal emulator, kmail for my emails, and Akregator for my RSS feeds. The KDE apps integrate better into the overall look than the GTK counterparts I think when using KDE. Konqueror has crashed twice so far and kmail once and I am not particularly sure why in any of the cases. I am also posting this now from within firefox because I continually got a script error when trying to come to this page and it would not let me continue.

Other than those minor things though everything is going alright. Then default look of Mepis has definitely improved but is still not what I want. So now I will start to customize it a bit to see if I can grow to like it.

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