Ford Accessing My Credit Report

I am enrolled in this Identity Theft Protection program through Discover Card. They basically monitor my credit files, or at least the credit file from Equifax, and then notify me if anything changes in it. I received in the mail a message showing changes were made to my file by Ford Motor Credit, the financing division for Ford Motor Company. Normally when I get these I look at them and most of the time what is reported isn’t a big deal, something that I know why at least they were accessing the file.

This entry though has me a little nervous. I do drive a ford, but I didn’t buy it from Ford. My dad purchased it from a friend who was here working from Japan. There was never any sort of financing done for the car, and if there was it would have been through my dad anyway and not with Ford. So, with all the reports of identity theft you here all the time, the first thing that came into my mind was, someone is trying to buy a car in my name. This is actually a couple of weeks old now but because I am sometimes lazy in reading certain things I get in the mail, I am just looking at it now.

The customer service line for the Discover Identity theft Protection program was closed tonight when I found there number and the number listed for the Ford Motor Credit company also led to an answering machine telling me they were closed. So tomorrow, as soon as I get up, I have to make some calls to ensure that this isn’t a problem. Hopefully there is decent reason why this showed up and it’s not someone trying to get auto financing in my name.

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