No Harm Done….So Far!

I contacted Discover about Ford accessing my credit report to see if they new why and what I should do about it. They weren’t sure why Ford did it but gave me the number listed there to contact them. I gave Ford Motor Credit a call and they couldn’t find me in there system at all. Which is a good thing I suppose but still doesn’t explain why they were looking at my credit file. The lady there said if I could find out what dealership it was done at that may help. How am I supposed to know that? I would think she should be able to tell me that. So I called Discover back up and they didn’t know what dealership it was. All they could see was apparently what they sent me in the mail, which was a the company name, address of the headquarters and a phone number. They are however, going to send me something that I can file with Equifax to dispute the inquiry so it doesn’t effect my credit score at all. It just shows that an inquiry was made, Discover said no credit has been issued in my name so hopefully I can get the inquiry removed without much hassle.

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