Phew! Big Shots Isn’t Canceled

I work a weird shift at work and on most nights I am working right through prime time TV. I use Tivo to record the shows I like to watch while I’m at work and then will usually watch one when I get home at roughly three or four in the morning. Well this morning, I came home like usual and turned on the Tivo to start watching Big Shots. Only when I went to select it, it was NOT in the list. I almost freaked out. I first thought of Smith, a CBS show that was cancelled last year and I had no idea it was happening. I looked back through the programing guide hoping that for some reason the tivo just didnt record it but it was actually on. It wasn’t listed in the lineup.

I then ran and jumped on the computer to check the Big Shots web site to see if it had been canceled. To my relief there was a message on the boards saying Big Shots was not canceled, just behind in shooting due to the fires in California where the show is shot and also because of the writer’s strike. The show is scheduled to be back next week and at least the following week. The message wasn’t all good though mentioning the ratings were rather low and may not be back next year.

Go watch this show people. The story lines are excellent and the cast is great. It’s on Thursday nights at 10p EST. Check it out, you will love it!!!

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