The Argosy!

Took a little trip this past week to The Argosy in southern Indiana. It’s a hotel in a small city with a riverboat casino attached to it. I went with my girlfriend, her dad and his girlfriend, and her grandparents. It was a about a two hour drive for us, 99% freeway so it was pretty easygoing. My girlfriends grandparents go down there periodically and had a ticket to get a free room for a night. She managed to talk them into two more so we all stayed for free! Saved us 70 bucks which we managed then to loose gambling.

The riverboat casino was great. The entire boat is three stories and every floor is nothing but casino. Once your in the casino it feels just like your in Vegas. We spent all are time on the slot machines. I was going to play some Black Jack but opted not to this time. Unfortunately we didn’t win anything. I was up a couple hundred dollars on Mr. Cashman machine at one point but managed to loose it all again. I guess I just have to learn when to cash out and move on. Although we didn’t win at all we only lost a couple hundred dollars so I guess it could have been worse.

We had a coupon for a free lunch so we all had a big meal at the buffet there before heading home the second day. The food was great and the dessert selection was awesome. The town is pretty small so other than the casino there isn’t much to do or see. So since it was only a two hour drive down there, staying only one night was plenty. I’m looking forward to going back again. Maybe they will send us a coupon for a free room!

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