We had a blizzard here this past weekend.  Yes, I am just now writing about it almost a week later.  I figured I might as well now before I forget it even happened.

This past Saturday we had a record breaking snowfall from one storm.  I think the final total was about 20.4 inches.  It shutdown the entire city for the most part.  We actually only reached a level 2 snow emergency in the county I live in.  A lot of the counties around though went to a level 3.  Even though we were only in a level two, a ton of businesses closed and most events were canceled.

I ended up calling off work for the day.  Much of the snow fell between 2am and 7am.  When I got up at 7am and looked out the windows and saw that neither the parking lot nor the street had been touched by the plows I just called in sick.  There was no way I was going to fight through the snow to make it to work.  It would have taken me at least two hours to make a drive that is normally 20 minutes, most likely even longer.  Plus  I had a 4ft snow bank behind my car so I didn’t feel like shoveling that out at seven in the morning.  Found out on Monday morning when I went back to work that out of at least 100 people that normally work in the building on Saturdays, only four people showed up.

I really enjoyed calling off work on Saturday.  I have Friday’s and Sunday’s off normally so it made for a nice three day weekend.  I didn’t do much as we really couldn’t go anywhere but I still managed to have some fun.  There was enough snow to even make me want to go out in it.  I went out with my girlfriend and we started shoveling the snow.  She decided while she was shoveling to start throwing the snow onto me.  So naturally I tackled her in it.  We wrestled around for a few minutes before I finished the shoveling and we went back in.  Most fun I have had in the snow in a very long time.

It didn’t take long for the snow to start melting away as the sun came out the following day and it started to gradually get warmer.  Most roads were pretty good by Sunday afternoon.  There is still some snow on the ground where the drifts were deeper but most has melted away and it feels like spring already.  The snow will still be around for at least a few more days where there are the huge piles from where the plows push all the snow but even those might not last much longer if we continue to have nice spring weather like today.  Perhaps the winter weather is over for the year.  Hard to say though as we had a great day of sunny weather and about 60 degrees not even a week before the blizzard hit.  Although I love the snow, I think I am ready for spring!

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