Lifting – 03/26/08

I ended up missing basketball last night because my girlfriend brought her cousin home with her after visiting her grandmas on her way home from work.  He’s about 10 I think and just wanted to play the Wii all night.  So I skipped basketball to play video games instead.  He actually ended up beating the Wario Moves game.

I was back in the gym tonight though.  I don’t feel to bad about missing basketball as there are always enough people there that several have to sit out each game so it doesn’t cause a problem if I miss.  I try not to miss working out at the gym though, it does happen on occasion but I don’t like it to happen to often.  Todays workout…

Standing barbell shoulder press: 105lbs 5×5 (only got 4 on the last set, last one just wouldn’t go!)

Seated dumbbell lateral  raise: 15lbs 3×8

Barbell Curls: 65lbs 6×5

Concentration Curls: 20lbs 6×6

Lying Tricep  Extentions: 65lbs 5×5

Abs: 3 Supersets
Medicine ball raises: 1minute

Medicine ball crunches:  1 minute

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