Lifting 04/02/08

I missed a few days recording my lifts here. Hopefully that doesn’t happen again.

Superset: Seated dumbbell Lateral Raises (hold top position for 10 seconds, exercise for 10 seconds for 1min), Seated dumbbell presses (3 stage technique, upper half, lower half, full range for 20 seconds each): 10lbs. 3 sets

Superset: 3 sets, Pulley Curls (Shivaya Technique, Full range for 3 reps, upper half reps 4-9, full range rep 10-failure

  1. 80lbs 14 reps
  2. 80lbs 9 reps = full range to failure
  3. 80lbs 6

Barbell Curls: (15 reps, 4 counts up, 2 counts down) 30lbs

Two bench tricep dips: 3x1min

  1. 24
  2. 19 (48sec)
  3. 16 (38sec)

Superset: Abs 3 sets

Medicine Ball Knee-Ups (1min)

Medicine Ball Knee-Ups (1min)

I realize that sometimes it is hard to follow the workout the way it is written but some of these are hard to translate from the paper I have to fill out as I go to something that can be written like this. Hopefully it is at least somewhat clear for any of you who decide to read through it!

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