Got an Eee PC

I got an Eee PC for Christmas.  The 900ha to be specific.  So far I am really liking it.  This is actually my first laptop so and being more mobile with my PC is great.

The keyboard is as hard to get used to as I was expecting.  Typing is rather easy until I need to use keys other than the letters (backspace, shift, tab, etc.).  That is when I really start to make mistakes.  I am also starting to notice the space bar problem as I type this where it won’t register unless you hit it directly in the center or relatively hard.

I only have two problems with it and one is probably my fault.  First, the upper right side of my keyboard is popping off.  This is the one that is most likely my doing.  I had to take the computer apart as I lost part of an SD card in  it.  After doing so, the keyboard won’t latch on that side.  I am not certain why either.  Nothing appears to be bent and the other two latches are working fine.  Fortunetly, all the keys are still functioning.

Second problem.  I have dead pixel on the screen.  I just noticed it today as the computer was booting.  This particular one is not a big problem but here’s hoping I don’t end up with more.  I believe ASUS requires three dead pixels before they will replace it.  And seeing how I voided the warranty by opening it up, I dought they will do anything anyway.

My next step is to put linux on it.  Currently I am running the default Windows XP.  I am debating between opensuse and arch.  That will most likely wait until new years day or possibly this coming weekend.

Anyway, this post was mainly to test my typing on the Eee as I rarely have to type more than a web address or username/password.  Wasn’t to bad at all!

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