Thursday October 8th

1.  We just completed the move into a new apartment at the end of last month.  We had to get a bigger place now that Zoie has her own room.  Major differences between this apartment and the last one are the extra bathroom we now have, a private patio and a basement.  I honestly don’t know how we had so much junk in the old apartment without the basement.

2.  We just had the internet and cable connected yesterday.  We had cancelled the cable a long time ago and I am glad to have it back.  Internet is faster now too.  Who doesn’t like a 15MB connection?  I need a new TV now though to take advantage of all the HD channels.

3.  Got a bill for almost 500 dollars from the old apartment b/c apparently they have to replace the carpet in one room b/c of a stain.  They also charged us 15.oo for leaving the oven dirty.  What a joke.

4.  Paying off my credit card bill will take a little longer now due to the extra money going to the old apartment.  Sorry Discover, looks like you have to wait an extra month.

5.  I am back in school!  I start back later this month.  Just under two years away from my degree.  Note to self – NO semester breaks this time, the previous one lasted 4 years!

6.  My EeePC is busted.  The battery died on me and for whatever reason the screen does not work at all now.  What timing too, just before I start back to school.

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