Sunday October 18th

1.  Had a big fight with my girlfriend tonight.  It wasn’t fun.  It all started from her thinking I was taking my moms side instead of hers with a current problem.  There wasn’t even a side to take and the whole thing was blown way out of proportion.

2.  I logged onto the class page for the current class I am taking at University and realized there are assignments due on the 20th.  I thought everything was due on the 22nd.  The most time consuming item, a short essay, is what happens to be due on Tuesday.  I now know how I will be spending tomorrow evening.  It doesn’t look too hard but as the first thing I have had to write in long time I am not looking forward to it.

3.  I need a laptop.  Nothing is working to fix my Eeepc and considering how much it cost I don’t think paying for a new screen is really worth it.  My computers all run Linux and I need a Windows based PC for all the classes I will be taking.  I am holding off on buying one until this weekend  and hoping I can find one that comes with Windows 7 on it.  With any luck I can avoid Vista altogether.

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