Thursday October 22, 2009

1.  I just had my first class today.  It wasn’t to bad.  It lasted about 3.5 hours but didn’t seem to long.  This course I think should go fairly easy and then the hard part starts once I get to the actual major classes in a couple weeks.

2.  My girlfriend lost her purse yesterday.  She left it sitting on the ground while at the Pumkin Show and didn’t realize it until she got home.  We went back to get it but of course it was gone.

3.  We got her bank card cancelled and the checks that were lost too are also cancelled.  Now we start the process of replacing things.  It is much harder than it sounds.  She lost both her license and social security card.  She can’t get a new license without a social security card and she can’t get that without a birth certificate, which she also does not have.  So now we have to go and get her birth certificate and it will be at least early next week before she can go do that.

4 .  Our daughters social security card and our GPS were also taken with the purse.  Why she was carrying Zoie’s social security card I have no idea.

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