Update 1.11.10

1.  Got a new netbook, the Toshiba NB205, for Christmas.  I needed a new one after my EEE PC died on me.  This one is much better.  The larger keyboard is a plus.  It came with the crippled Windows 7 starter.  Luckily I could use my student student status to update it fairly cheaply to Windows 7 Home Premium.

2.  I bought my girlfriend a new laptop as well.  A Toshiba Satellite.  She seems to like it, spends much more time on the computer now than she did before though.

3.  Got the new Mario Bros. Wii game.  We have beat it already and are now working to collect all the coins in order to beat the unlocked World nine.

4.  I screwed up my financial aid so I had to start  this semester a few weeks late.  I am registered to take an intro to spreadsheets course.  I don’t really need it but it is required before taking accounting 1 and 2 and business finance.   I am also registered to take a communications class as well as business law.

5.  Zoie has started walking recently.  She is out of control now.  She is even climbing the steps.   She is still at a point where she feels the need to put everything in her mouth.  She definitely keeps things interesting around here.

6.  I am working to try and budget better in order to get rid of all our debt much sooner.  Between me and my girlfriend we have a bout $2000 in credit card debt.  Now that I am taking on more debt b/c of school I need to get this paid off as soon as possible.  My girlfriend still owes about $5ooo on her student loans.  I have registered at yodlee.com to hopefully help track are spending better in order to reduce it.  We’ll see how it works.

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