Update 1-16-10

1.  I was pretty lazy today.  For most of the day I just sat in front of the computer and the TV.  I really don’t mind days like that so it wasn’t to bad.

2.  My girlfriend conned me into going shopping this afternoon.  We were supposed to be going down to her dads but at the last second she decided she didn’t want to and we ended up going to Kohl’s.  We got a few outfits for Zoie but not much else.

3.  I started using google reader today to hopefully better follow some of the blogs and other various sites I read on a regular basis.  I tried using another feed reader in the past but didn’t stick with it.  So far I like it.

4.  I read a very interesting story today on Esther Reed.  She stole several identities, including Beth Henson.  After several years living as Beth she was finally caught.  She was just sentenced to almost 5 years in jail but her life up until this point makes for a very interesting read.

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