Update 3.1.10

1.  I have started back to school and that has been consuming much of my time lately.  I have already fallen slightly behind but should be fully caught up with things tomorrow.  This always seems to happen.  No matter how much I say I won’t, I always wait until the last possible second to start assignments.  This always ends badly as they end up taking longer than I anticipate and I have to turn something in late.

I also always say I am going to do the assigned reading but never do.  This is the main reason assignments end up taking longer than I think they will.

2.  Zoie’s 1st birthday is tomorrow.  We have a little party planned for her this coming Saturday.  Should be fun.

3.  Spent the last two weeks watching as much of the Olympics as I could.  For some reason I have been addicted to the past two Olympic games.  I find myself watching any sport that is on, whether I actually like it or not.  Short track speed skating is definitely my favorite event.

4.  Still trying to get back in the gym but have yet to manage it.  Will update when that happens.

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