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Update 1/21/10

1.  The Boss is out this week so work has been relatively slow going.  I can’t complain about that though.

2.  Still have two weeks until my next two classes start so I have been enjoying the extra free time around the house.

3.  I just finished watching an episode of Hoarders I had DVR’d and felt the need following that to do some cleaning.  Cleaned up the kitchen and actually did some dishes by hand.  Yes, I am impressed with myself.

4.  I always feel the need to pick things up after watching that show.  I am not a hoarder or anything but things are often out of place around here causing the apartment to look very cluttered.

5.  Zoie had another appointment at the doctors today and still has an ear infection in her right ear.  Medication was changed from amoxicillin to augmentin to try and knock it out.

6.  Just made a payment on my Sears mastercard and my discover card.  The sears card balance was relatively high due to buying my girlfriends laptop a few weeks back.  The payment on that meant less to go towards paying off my Discover card.  I can’t wait to be free of the debt held on these cards.  Hopefully just another two months and it will be gone for good.

7.  Finally remembered to take my busted EEE PC into work to have the IT guy for our department take a look at it.  He has been telling me to for awhile now but I keep forgetting.  It’s not that big of a deal now that I have my new Toshiba but it would still be nice if it worked again.


Update 1.11.10

1.  Got a new netbook, the Toshiba NB205, for Christmas.  I needed a new one after my EEE PC died on me.  This one is much better.  The larger keyboard is a plus.  It came with the crippled Windows 7 starter.  Luckily I could use my student student status to update it fairly cheaply to Windows 7 Home Premium.

2.  I bought my girlfriend a new laptop as well.  A Toshiba Satellite.  She seems to like it, spends much more time on the computer now than she did before though.

3.  Got the new Mario Bros. Wii game.  We have beat it already and are now working to collect all the coins in order to beat the unlocked World nine.

4.  I screwed up my financial aid so I had to start  this semester a few weeks late.  I am registered to take an intro to spreadsheets course.  I don’t really need it but it is required before taking accounting 1 and 2 and business finance.   I am also registered to take a communications class as well as business law.

5.  Zoie has started walking recently.  She is out of control now.  She is even climbing the steps.   She is still at a point where she feels the need to put everything in her mouth.  She definitely keeps things interesting around here.

6.  I am working to try and budget better in order to get rid of all our debt much sooner.  Between me and my girlfriend we have a bout $2000 in credit card debt.  Now that I am taking on more debt b/c of school I need to get this paid off as soon as possible.  My girlfriend still owes about $5ooo on her student loans.  I have registered at to hopefully help track are spending better in order to reduce it.  We’ll see how it works.

Thursday October 8th

1.  We just completed the move into a new apartment at the end of last month.  We had to get a bigger place now that Zoie has her own room.  Major differences between this apartment and the last one are the extra bathroom we now have, a private patio and a basement.  I honestly don’t know how we had so much junk in the old apartment without the basement.

2.  We just had the internet and cable connected yesterday.  We had cancelled the cable a long time ago and I am glad to have it back.  Internet is faster now too.  Who doesn’t like a 15MB connection?  I need a new TV now though to take advantage of all the HD channels.

3.  Got a bill for almost 500 dollars from the old apartment b/c apparently they have to replace the carpet in one room b/c of a stain.  They also charged us 15.oo for leaving the oven dirty.  What a joke.

4.  Paying off my credit card bill will take a little longer now due to the extra money going to the old apartment.  Sorry Discover, looks like you have to wait an extra month.

5.  I am back in school!  I start back later this month.  Just under two years away from my degree.  Note to self – NO semester breaks this time, the previous one lasted 4 years!

6.  My EeePC is busted.  The battery died on me and for whatever reason the screen does not work at all now.  What timing too, just before I start back to school.

No Harm Done….So Far!

I contacted Discover about Ford accessing my credit report to see if they new why and what I should do about it. They weren’t sure why Ford did it but gave me the number listed there to contact them. I gave Ford Motor Credit a call and they couldn’t find me in there system at all. Which is a good thing I suppose but still doesn’t explain why they were looking at my credit file. The lady there said if I could find out what dealership it was done at that may help. How am I supposed to know that? I would think she should be able to tell me that. So I called Discover back up and they didn’t know what dealership it was. All they could see was apparently what they sent me in the mail, which was a the company name, address of the headquarters and a phone number. They are however, going to send me something that I can file with Equifax to dispute the inquiry so it doesn’t effect my credit score at all. It just shows that an inquiry was made, Discover said no credit has been issued in my name so hopefully I can get the inquiry removed without much hassle.

Ford Accessing My Credit Report

I am enrolled in this Identity Theft Protection program through Discover Card. They basically monitor my credit files, or at least the credit file from Equifax, and then notify me if anything changes in it. I received in the mail a message showing changes were made to my file by Ford Motor Credit, the financing division for Ford Motor Company. Normally when I get these I look at them and most of the time what is reported isn’t a big deal, something that I know why at least they were accessing the file.

This entry though has me a little nervous. I do drive a ford, but I didn’t buy it from Ford. My dad purchased it from a friend who was here working from Japan. There was never any sort of financing done for the car, and if there was it would have been through my dad anyway and not with Ford. So, with all the reports of identity theft you here all the time, the first thing that came into my mind was, someone is trying to buy a car in my name. This is actually a couple of weeks old now but because I am sometimes lazy in reading certain things I get in the mail, I am just looking at it now.

The customer service line for the Discover Identity theft Protection program was closed tonight when I found there number and the number listed for the Ford Motor Credit company also led to an answering machine telling me they were closed. So tomorrow, as soon as I get up, I have to make some calls to ensure that this isn’t a problem. Hopefully there is decent reason why this showed up and it’s not someone trying to get auto financing in my name.