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WTF Goodyear?

Car started over heating so I took it to the local goodyear to have it fixed.

Estimated Cost – $2300 b/c engine had to be replaced.

I took the car to a ford dealership for a second opinion.

Fixed for $650.

Glad I took the car to another shop instead of letting goodyear fix it.  The car was still driveable so not sure what the thought process was when they recommended that…


Long Night

Four Chapters to read regarding business law and six case analysis to do. 

 I love being back in school!  /endsarcasm

Update 1-16-10

1.  I was pretty lazy today.  For most of the day I just sat in front of the computer and the TV.  I really don’t mind days like that so it wasn’t to bad.

2.  My girlfriend conned me into going shopping this afternoon.  We were supposed to be going down to her dads but at the last second she decided she didn’t want to and we ended up going to Kohl’s.  We got a few outfits for Zoie but not much else.

3.  I started using google reader today to hopefully better follow some of the blogs and other various sites I read on a regular basis.  I tried using another feed reader in the past but didn’t stick with it.  So far I like it.

4.  I read a very interesting story today on Esther Reed.  She stole several identities, including Beth Henson.  After several years living as Beth she was finally caught.  She was just sentenced to almost 5 years in jail but her life up until this point makes for a very interesting read.


It’s been about 9 months since my last post.  Almost forgot I had this thing.  A few noteworthy things have happened this year so here is a quick update.

1.  I now have a daughter!  Zoie was born on March 2nd!  She is doing great.  Just a day over 6 months old now.

2.  I was promoted at work.  Not a major promotion but I’ll take it.

3.  I’ve been slowly working to pay off some credit card debt I managed to get into.  I have about 1500 dollars left to go.  Hopefully I can have it completely paid off within the next couple of months.

4.  I haven’t been lifting at all for the past few months.  It is so much harder to find the time with Zoie here now.  I am hoping to get back into it again though in the near future.  I’ll let you know how that goes.

That’s about it for now. Hopefully I will find time to elaborate and continue updating this thing in the near future.

Sold the Total Gym

My parents gave me there Total Gym Elite about a year ago because they never used it.  Me and my girlfriend used it for a few weeks when we first got it but haven’t used it much since then.  We put it on Craigslist a few days ago and sold it for $100.00.  Thats a lot less than what you would pay for one new but we just wanted to get rid of it as it was doing nothing but taking up space in our bedroom.  Hopefully the guy who bought it gets much better use out of it than we did.

Happy New Year!

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year!!

Broken Washer

This week has been fairly easy going. I haven’t really done much other than work. I actually got a raise this week. It wasn’t really a big raise but I won’t really complain about getting more money. I am also in the process of looking for new job so trying to get a bigger raise won’t really do me any good. I have been looking for one for awhile now but just recently started putting in applications. I got one company I need to call to see if they have looked at my application and I got a call from another just a couple days ago. I did a short phone interview with a woman and she said she would forward my info to another group there I guess and they will call within the week.

The only other thing that may or may not be worth mentioning is that are washer broke this week.My girlfriend had put a load of laundry in and let the washer go like normal. A few minutes later the dog walked into the living room and I noticed her paws were wet. My girlfriend said she was probably just playing in her water bowl and we didn’t think much of it. A few minutes later she starts yelling for me and I walk to the laundry room where she is yelling from. In the laundry room there is about three inches of water standing and that is flowing out into the kitchen. The water hadn’t stopped at the appropriate level in the washer and kicked on. It just kept filling and so was over flowing everywhere.

The cleanup took a little while. We soaked up a lot of the water with towels and the mop. I also used a cup to scoop a lot of the water out. It took a little bit of time but seemed to be faster than the mop. We let the neighbors know what happened in case the water had made it over to there apartment. It had and they had a pretty good amount of water to clean up. Turns out they were doing laundry also and though that is was their washer that was messed up. When we purchased the washer we also paid a little more to have a five year warranty put on it. We have actually not had it even a year though. We called HHGregg, the company we bought it from, and they had somebody come out the following morning to fix it. Turns out there was just some sort of clog in it. The repairman cleaned out the tubes and then it was working fine again. Having paid extra when we bought it there was no charge for the service call so that was nice.

It is all cleaned up and back to normal now though. I guess we are lucky that we were still around when it happened. If we had put the laundry in and then left or went to bed it could have been a lot worse!