Got an Eee PC

I got an Eee PC for Christmas.  The 900ha to be specific.  So far I am really liking it.  This is actually my first laptop so and being more mobile with my PC is great.

The keyboard is as hard to get used to as I was expecting.  Typing is rather easy until I need to use keys other than the letters (backspace, shift, tab, etc.).  That is when I really start to make mistakes.  I am also starting to notice the space bar problem as I type this where it won’t register unless you hit it directly in the center or relatively hard.

I only have two problems with it and one is probably my fault.  First, the upper right side of my keyboard is popping off.  This is the one that is most likely my doing.  I had to take the computer apart as I lost part of an SD card in  it.  After doing so, the keyboard won’t latch on that side.  I am not certain why either.  Nothing appears to be bent and the other two latches are working fine.  Fortunetly, all the keys are still functioning.

Second problem.  I have dead pixel on the screen.  I just noticed it today as the computer was booting.  This particular one is not a big problem but here’s hoping I don’t end up with more.  I believe ASUS requires three dead pixels before they will replace it.  And seeing how I voided the warranty by opening it up, I dought they will do anything anyway.

My next step is to put linux on it.  Currently I am running the default Windows XP.  I am debating between opensuse and arch.  That will most likely wait until new years day or possibly this coming weekend.

Anyway, this post was mainly to test my typing on the Eee as I rarely have to type more than a web address or username/password.  Wasn’t to bad at all!


Lifting 04/16/08

I’ve been slacking lately posting info from my workouts.  I have continued to lift almost everyday since the last post but haven’t been able to find the time to update the blog with the results.  Today was the last workout for a week.  We are taking a week break and then will start up again with a new workout schedule and exercises.  Although we won’t be lifting I will probably do some cardio on a few of the days during the break here.  Hopefully once we resume the workouts I will be able to keep the blog updated regularly with my progress.

Lifting 04/05/08

Superset: 10lbs 3x1min each

Seated Lateral raises: hold top postion for 10 seconds then exercise for 10 seconds

Shoulder Press: Top half for 20 seconds, bottom half for 20 seconds, full range for 20 seconds


Straight bar cable curls:  85lbs, 4 sets, Reps 1-3 full motion, reps 4-9 – upper half, reps 10-failure full motion

  1. 14  (reps to failure)
  2. 7
  3. 5
  4. 5

Barbell curls: 35lbs, 4×15 (up for 4 counts, down for 2)

Two Bench Dips: 3x1min

Lifting 04/03/08

Deadlifts: 85lbs 1×6

Overhead barbell squats: 75lbs 3×10

Leg press: 250lbs 4×10

Squats: 6×8

  1. 165lbs
  2. 175lbs
  3. 185lbs
  4. 195lbs
  5. 205lbs
  6. 215lbs

Leg Curls: 150lbs 3×4

Jump Squats: 2x45sec.

Calf raises: 60lbs 10×10

Lifting 04/02/08

I missed a few days recording my lifts here. Hopefully that doesn’t happen again.

Superset: Seated dumbbell Lateral Raises (hold top position for 10 seconds, exercise for 10 seconds for 1min), Seated dumbbell presses (3 stage technique, upper half, lower half, full range for 20 seconds each): 10lbs. 3 sets

Superset: 3 sets, Pulley Curls (Shivaya Technique, Full range for 3 reps, upper half reps 4-9, full range rep 10-failure

  1. 80lbs 14 reps
  2. 80lbs 9 reps = full range to failure
  3. 80lbs 6

Barbell Curls: (15 reps, 4 counts up, 2 counts down) 30lbs

Two bench tricep dips: 3x1min

  1. 24
  2. 19 (48sec)
  3. 16 (38sec)

Superset: Abs 3 sets

Medicine Ball Knee-Ups (1min)

Medicine Ball Knee-Ups (1min)

I realize that sometimes it is hard to follow the workout the way it is written but some of these are hard to translate from the paper I have to fill out as I go to something that can be written like this. Hopefully it is at least somewhat clear for any of you who decide to read through it!

Lifting – 03/30/08

Stiff Leg Deadlifts: 70lbs, 1×4

Leg Press: Envelope Technique

  1. 110lbs for 1min, 29 reps
  2. 230lbs 2×8
  3. 110lbs for 1min, 37 reps

Touch ‘n’ go Lounges:  60lbs, 2×14

Jump Squats: Staccato Technique, 2 sets

Leg Press: 200lbs, 2x1min

  1. 26 reps
  2. 27 reps

Front Squats:  50lbs, 5×20

Leg Curls: 70lbs, 3x1min

Seated Calf Raises: 55lbs, Staccato Technique, 3 sets

Lifting – 03/28/08

Todays workout…

Dumbell Flyes:

  • 1 set for 1min.: 10lbs 21 reps
  • 25lbs 2×8
  • 1 set for 1min.: 10lbs 27 reps

Superset, Bench Press/Dips, 5 sets

Bench press: 95lbs.

  1. 12 reps
  2. 11 reps
  3. 7 reps
  4. 6 reps
  5. 5 reps


  1. 7
  2. 3
  3. 2
  4. 3
  5. 3

Pylo Push-Ups, (3 x max)

  1. 11 2 (regular push-up at the end of set)
  2. 7 1
  3. 5 2

Superset, Pull-Ups/Hang Cleans
Pull-Ups: (max) (I definitely need to work on these!)

  1. 3
  2. 2
  3. 2
  4. 2
  5. 2

Hang Cleans: 75lbs 5×10

V-Handle Pulldowns:

  • 1 set for 1min.: 45lbs 27 reps
  • 75lbs 2×8
  • 1 set for1min.: 45lbs 26 reps